"I've tried 21-day fixes, fad diets, - the whole nine yards - and never fully reached my goals.  Working with Jeff to prepare for my wedding changed the game for me.  He keeps me motivated, creates customized work-outs that I can do at home or at my gym when it's convenient for me, and, I get to eat CARBS!  I'm already down 18 lbs and feeling better than ever."


"I was struggling with shedding my "baby weight" several months after my daughter was born.  I was self-conscious and didn't like the person that I saw in the mirror every morning.  I felt that Jeff truly understood what I was going through.  He took the time to listen to my challenges, my fears, and my goals, and we created a customized program together.  In less than two months, I lost 22 lbs, felt more energized, and so much more self-confident.  Thank you HOTFIT!"


"I feel so much stronger inside and out!  My goal with HOTFIT was to become consistent with workouts and gain strength, and it has provided me with exactly what I needed to step it up and achieve my goals."

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